Who we are

Wonderworld VR is a record breaking entertainment company with a unique mix of storytellers and veteran VR engineers. We have the longest LIVE stream VR record with 7 consecutive days and the first ever to record an entire live concert into the world of Virtual Reality.


We started with one goal in mind: to deliver the best stories in the most immersive medium to date. We have a perfect right and left brain balance between our engineers and our creatives. Our engineers have over 10 years in VR hardware and software development for the international defense industry and our creatives have over 20 years developing television shows all over the world.


We stay abreast and drive the development for new services and products within the Virtual Reality market. From airlines to movie studios, we are capable of giving any industry’s audience a portal into brand new experiences.


We are proud to have the best VR equipment for our clients needs, allowing them to deliver the highest quality imagery for both live, extreme and standard immersive productions.


We are a global virtual reality production agency with offices in USA and Sweden.

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